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The Bachelor, Twitter and True Love


As I watched the final episode of The Bachelor I was left feeling deeply confused, but also reassured.  Confused that Brad chose Emily. But it was reassuring to find that getting engaged in six weeks through a process of elimination was as stupid as it sounds.

Now I know that editing a reality television show can really change the viewers perception of reality. And perhaps I am naive, but I thought that Chantal had it in the bag.  I mean she’d already had it in the sack…so I was stunned when he picked Emily. Why would Brad think he could marry Emily when she had five year old Ricky, a new daughter he barely knew.  She seemed so unsure of his commitment to the role of “not always fun” fatherhood. And as I ran back and forth like a jr. high girl from the google tweet feed and the finale I realized I was not alone.

Awesome. A 5 year old girl just won a new daddy on ABC’s The Bachelor. One who she met for 5 hours and works in a bar. @moredavid

Her dress is elegant. So who wants to bet on how long this will last? @ArtSizzle

So shallow, narcissistic ol’ Brad chooses Emily because she gives him the illusion of depth. The marriage will last maybe 2 years. @peterstraubnyc

Like I said, I was reassured by the  “After the Rose” show. It affirmed my conviction that no one should try and fall in love with 30 women at the same time. And they definitely shouldn’t be filmed having nights in the fantasy sweet with another woman a week before their engagement. I mean come on, REALLY! That’s like a no brainer.

Three months in Brad said that they were separated.  Emily and him were back in the real world and were not “living a fairy tale”. A good reminder to anyone who thought making-out with dozens of women and then marrying one of them would be a fairy tale.

This tweet says it all: After the Rose is super awkward. And not in a good way. @MichelleRowen

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