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First Kiss More Memorable Than Losing Virginity?


Late-breaking Valentines Day 2011 Tip: don’t rush to the main event – cause you’ll never get there if you suck in the first act.

Studies show that the first kiss is more powerful than the first sexual encounter. According to a post at ABC NEWS.com today:

Psychologists report that most people can remember up to 90 percent of the details of their first romantic kiss, a memory that is even more powerful than their first sexual encounter.

Apparently the power of the first kiss is underrated. “A good kiss can seal a relationship, a bad kiss can kill it” continues the article.

While I think that’s true, I also think it can be a lot of fun to teach someone the art of locking lips. What better way to pass the time than lovingly saying to your significant other “honey, you’re not so good at this, but I’d like to spend some time and effort working through it!”

Kissing gets overlooked a lot. I understand a lot of people don’t think it’s the main event – but kisses tell us a lot about a person. Are they gentle and patient? Or are they aggressive and rushed? Or are they apathetic and impatient?

Kissing is the gateway to greater intimacy. If the kiss doesn’t go well (or improve with time and effort), women won’t be willing to open up to much more. Because frankly, we know how that “much more” is going to go given the effort put into that first kiss.

Read the entire ABC NEWS.com article by clicking here.


  • Your assertion that women will not become more involved with a man if he doesn’t put enough effort into their first kiss reveals your misandry.

    Your assumption is that she ought to be the judge of his worth based on how he performs for her. Is there a less loving, more hate-fueled way of thinking about men than that? I don’t think so.

  • Julia,

    You write that you enjoy going on dysfunctional dates so you can blog about them. You also write that you are an advocate for the vulnerable.

    Apparently, your compassion does not extend to the men you humiliate by writing about them. I guess because they are men and you are a misandrist, their suffering doesn’t count.

    I’m not sure if this contradiction is a result of your muddle-headed leftist hypocrisy or just an inability to think through your positions with any kind of consistency.

    Have you ever considered that your dates may be dysfunctional because you are on them?

  • Interesting post Julia.

    Julia, quit picking on my favorite blogger.

    And Julia, If you keep walking through life and only ever run into assholes, eventually you’ve got to start wondering… what’s the common denominator?

  • I think people who lack the testicular fortitude to use their own name when posting on a website should rethink their whether they really ought to be writing something in the first place and should instead take a moment to do some self examination.

  • I wana to know that if a lip kiss can destroy a mans virginity?

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